Life is all about Vibrance

We must learn to accept life in all its colours. We often tend to attribute different colours with different emotions.

We associate Red with Love or Anger, White with Peace, Green with Envy, Yellow with Happiness. Life gives us a variety of colours with bundles of emotions to feel and express.

We often tend to express our emotions with emojis in the virtual world. We must in the Real world feel free to enjoy and express our emotions.

These Emotions come without a Price Tag. They are Priceless.


Life is a Blessing

Ever thought how beautiful your Life is?

Ever thought how blessed you really are?

Yes, you are blessed and you are a blessing as well.

A blessing for your parents, siblings, partners, friends, acquaintances and whoever you meet in your life.

Value Life and it’ll Value You

Keep yourself Happy because the life that you’ve got is worth living.

#Live #Love #Laugh

Life shall take its own course

 Moments in life may find you beaming with joy or with gloom in your eyes.

Life has it’s own ways; it’s own tricks to teach you. To make you a fighter. A winner.

Believe in God; Believe in destiny, for the most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. 

Life shall take its own course, it knows the best. You are often the chosen one for the hardships you face. Be Proud.

Don’t worry too much for you have very litte in your hands; Follow your dreams, Fulfill the desires of your heart. Be happy. Be content. Believe in yourself and Conquer the world.